Frank Griffin-GRI-MRP-PSA

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HomeSmart Realty Group

Colorado Springs, CO

The year of 2003 is when my journey into Real Estate began. I purchased my first home that year. While my career had just started off in Restaurant Management, I always had a interest for Real Estate. My goal one day was to obtain a license and one-day dive into all the areas that Real Estate has to offer. I had struggled throughout my life with dyslexia, and often wondered what career path I would choose and how that disability would affect my achievements. I started to realize that Real Estate and Management allowed me to use my other strengths, such as math and working numbers, and I gained confidence. My goal was to help people interested in renting by providing affordable prices. I slowly began purchasing different types of Real Estate from single family homes to condos, townhomes and even 4 plexes. BY 2007 I had obtained 9 rental properties that I managed myself. When I got married in 2009 my wife and I really focused on providing a superior property management experience for our tenants in our properties that I had obtained up to that point. I believe we succeeded in providing a great experience for tenants while managing the stresses of property ownership, and have carried that success on to this day. We had a total of 15 properties by 2012, and to date own a total of 28.


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